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Charlemagne Prize Fellowship

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We are excited to announce that as of November 1st, we are part of the 2021/22 cohort of fellows of the Charlemagne Prize Academy. This program is the newest line of the prestigious Charlemagne Prize Foundation and seeks to foster academic and research work on the future of European integration. Every year five individuals or teams are selected to do this kind of in-depth research.

Our research will revolve around two policy proposals that we deem worthy of further public debate and discussion:

  • A parity law for elections to the European Parliament

  • Transforming the Council into a European Senate and implement a true bicameral system at the EU level

We will be supported in our work by the network and resources of the Charlemagne Prize Academy, as well as our academic mentor, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Abels and our host institution in Berlin, the Progressive Zentrum.


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