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Sharing ideas with a wider audience is the best way of improving them, getting feedback, and hearing from others active in the same field. We began our activists' work with articles in German newspapers and have since been fortunate enough to publish in many German and international media. Since 2017, we have published or co-published four books with both the Droemer-Knaur and Beltz publishing houses. 

Herr und Speer Europe For Future Europäische Manifest Vincent-Immanuel Herr Martin Speer D

Europe For Future. 95 Thesen, die Europa retten -- was jetzt geschehen muss. was published in August 2021. The book features 95 concrete ideas on how to improve the European Union and the lives of EU citizens. Much of the text has been inspired by our extensive travels through Europe since 2014. With this book, we are presenting our personal best-off of ideas for a better European future. 

Das Buch das jeder Mann lesen sollte Feminist Lab Herr und Speer Beltz.jpg

Das Buch, das jeder Mann lesen sollte or: the book that every man should read is the wonderful culmination of a team effort that began in 2019. After hosting a workshop on men & feminism, several of the female and male attendees expressed interested in writing a guide on how men can become feminists. Seven authors worked on this text over the next two years. We are delighted that in February 2023 our book will finally be published in German. 

Herr und Speer TunWirWas Vincent-Immanuel Herr Martin Speer Droemer Knaur.png

#TunWirWas. Wie unsere Generation die Politik erobert was published in November 2018. The book encourages young people to make a difference by becoming political change-makers. For the text, we interviewed over twenty of young activists and collected their advice and ideas to share with a wider audience. The book also contains 46 concrete steps on how each and everyone can become politically active on a daily basis.

Young European Collective Wer Wenn Nicht Wir Herr und Speer Vincent-Immanuel Herr Martin S

In 2014, while travelling 14 European countries, we met many inspiring and active young Europeans. We got together with 12 of them to write one text of encouragement and hope -- from young Europeans for young Europeans. The book calls on our generation to save Europe and commit their ideas and visions to making this continent a better place. We published an English version of the text in 2015, in 2017 Knaur published the German translation. 

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