Sharing ideas with a wider audience is the best way of improving them, getting feedback, and hearing from others active in the same field. We began our activists' work with articles in German newspapers and have since been fortunate enough to publish in many German and international media. In 2017 and 2018, we launched two books with Droemer Knaur in Munich.


Book: #TunWirWas

#TunWirWas. Wie unsere Generation die Politik erobert was published in November 2018. The book encourages young people to make a difference by becoming political change-makers. For the text, we interviewed over twenty of young activists and collected their advice and ideas to share with a wider audience. The book also contains 46 concrete steps on how each and everyone can become politically active on a daily basis.


Wer, wenn Nicht Wir?

In 2014, when travelling 14 European countries, we met many inspiring and active young Europeans. Sometime after that we brought together 12 of them to write one text from young Europeans for young Europeans. The book calls on our generation to save Europe and commitment their ideas and visions to making this continent a little better. We published an English version of the text in 2015, in 2017 Knaur published the German translation. 

Selected Articles

Die ZEIT, August 2015

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ZEIT Online, February 2016

Europe's Lost Generation? Not yet.

The Christian Science Monitor, May 2014

Women Are Key to Europe's Future.

The European, July 2015

Quote: Jugend Wagen (in German)

Die ZEIT, March 2015

Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 2016