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Vincent at OECD Forum on Gender Equality in Paris

Last week, Vincent joined the inaugural OECD Forum on Gender Equality in Paris and was invited to speak on a panel on the structural barriers to gender equality.

The panel was opened by a powerful keynote by Columbia's Vice President Marquez Mina and insightful comments by OECD Deputy Secretary-General Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen. The panel itself was moderated by the DER SPIEGEL Paris Bureau chief Britta Sandberg, and featured Australian Minister Amanda Rishworth, Norwegian Minister Lubna Jaffery, British activist, change-maker, and trade union official Gloria Mills, Danone's Global Head of DEI Mathilde APONTE FAUCHERIE, and Vincent (or as Britta Sandberg said: "the only man we'll accept on this panel today"). 

One of his interventions was something close to this:

"We've built, over decades, an economic and societal system based on the premise that women do most or all care work free of charge. So, yes, we can and should continue to call for equal pay between women and men, and we can and should advocate for more women in leadership, but if we don't also call loudly for more men to take up 50 percent of care work, I'm afraid we won't be getting very far." 


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