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European Railway Award 2021

On 25th of January 2021 our #FreeInterrail initiative and work received a special accolade at the 2021 European Railway Award for being an ‘outstanding citizen’s initiative‘.

The award aims to honor “bright ideas, ingenious innovation and bold policy initiatives devised to enhance, grow and strengthen the rail mode today and for the future.” The jury highlighted, that “the FreeInterrail initiative has made rail travel and the fascination for Europe a dream for the young generation once again.”

We feel very honored to receive this special recognition of our work. This European policy success would not have been be possible without the tireless support and work of many policy makers, organizations, and individuals. Thank you to all politicians from the European Parliament as well as national parliaments and governments who believed in this visionary approach and gave it their support over the last few years. Thank you to the wonderful DiscoverEU team at the EU Commission and our great team of supporters and #FreeInterrail ambassadors from across Europe. We are also grateful for the support and openness from companies and individuals in the railway, transport, and tourism sector as well as from the field of youth work and citizen engagement. A special thank you to Stiftung Mercator and Schwarzkopf Stiftung Junges Europe for providing us with the financial resources to dedicate time and attention to this next big Erasmus program.

Check out our short #FreeInterrial European Railway Award clip here.


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