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Our Topics

European Integration

A united Europe is the only viable option for the future of the continent

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We believe that European integration is the most important political process of our lifetime. Its success will depend on civil society and all of us standing up for Europe, defending and strengthening its diversity and democracy.

What we currently do:

Gender Equality

A better world is only possible with full legal and cultural equality of women and men

Both of us believe in the importance for men to participate in the fight for gender equality. As men and feminists, the best way to learn about the effects of sexism and what to do about is by talking to women. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to meet and interact with a number of feminists in Germany and beyond and learn more about this topics.

What we currently do:


Youth Empowerment

Enabling a young generation to realize their potential will make all the difference


We began our activist work in the field of intergenerational justice and have since continued to learn about the importance of getting young people to participate in political processes and enable them to have their voices heard. Young ideas have always and will continue to change the world for the better.

What we currently do:

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