What We Offer

Are you looking for inspiration or new perspectives for your organization, your company, or your audience? Do you need experienced moderators for upcoming event or panel? Would you like to hear more about Europe, feminism, youth empowerment, or political participation?


Both of us, individually and as a team, regularly host workshops and discussions, teach seminars, moderate conferences, and do consulting work in English and German. Contact us with your idea in mind and we will do our best to make it work.

Lectures & Workshops

Interactive workshops, lectures, motivational speeches. We offer public speaking and debatting on the topics of Europe, feminism, youth empowerment, and active citizenship.

Some of our past and current speaking engagements:

  • TEDx

  • Technische Universität Hamburg

  • DLD Europe

  • UN Women Germany

  • Kommunikationskongress

  • Kirchentag

  • Z2X by Zeit Online 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Tag der ZEIT

  • Universität Bayreuth


We consult companies, NGOs, and political stake-holders on the topics of gender equality, Europe, youth perspectives, and political communication.

We enhance our clients' work by providing individual consultation, workshops, trend analysis, and strategy development.


Debates & Event Moderators

You are planning a conference, a panel discussion or a debate on the topics of Europe, feminism, youth empowerment, or political participation?


Or you are looking for moderators for an upcoming event?


We have extensive experience moderatoring and hosting events on various topics, in German and English, both in-person and as a digital format.

Some of our most recent work as moderators and debaters include:

  • The German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

  • The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

  • The German Foreign Office

  • The European Commission

  • UN Women Germany

  • TUI Foundation

An overview of our offer as moderators in a German-lanuage PDF.

Credit for UN Women 2020 Conference photo: @demipress - Daniela Skrzypczak

Book Presentations

We are offering book presentations, readings, and discussions of, from, and about our books.


#TunWirWas: Wie unsere Genration die Politik erobert (2018) is about political change-making, active participation in societal questions, and little steps to making a difference in our world.

Wer, Wenn Nicht Wir? Vier Dinge, die wir jetzt für Europa tun können (2017 in German, 2015 in English as Who, If Not Us?) is a motivational essays written by 12 young Europeans about their generation and why young people will have to step up now.