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What We Offer

Are you looking for inspiration or new perspectives for your organization, your company, or your audience? Would you like to learn how men can contribute to gender equality, how Europe can overcome its current challenges, and why ideas can make the difference? Or do you need experienced moderators for an upcoming event or panel? 
Both of us, individually and as a team, regularly give keynote speeches, host workshops and discussions, moderate conferences, and do consulting work in English and German. Take a look at our offers below and contact us with your ideas and needs.

Feminism and Men

As ​catalysts for UN Women Germany's HeForShe movement and 2022 members of the Gender Equality Advisory Council of the G7 states, it is our mission to strengthen gender equality. In this capacity, we have talked and learned from women and men across the board, and worked with ministries, companies, banks, and NGOs on strategies and methods to engage more men for the quest of feminism and a gender inclusive environment. 

  • Keynote address – "Looking Away No More" 
    We show why the the lack of gender equality is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, what factors hamper resolution, why too often men remain unknowingly part of the problem, what strategies can help to break these cycles, and how this benefits our society and economy. (15 minutes to 1.5 hours)

  • Workshop – "Introduction to Feminism and Men" 
    We introduce the basics of why men should and how men can become allies for gender equality and provide moderated space for audience interaction and Q&A. (30 minutes to 2 hours)

  • "Safe space" format for all-male groups
    This format aims to provide male members of an organization, company, or institution with a safe space to ask honest questions, share concerns and worries, and explore answers to big questions regarding gender equality, affirmative action, and individual responsibility together. (1.5 to 6 hours)

  • "Safe space" format for mixed-gender groups
    This format is aimed at mixed-gender groups of an organizations, company, or institution and seeks to provide a safe space, in which experiences with sexism in a professional (or private) context can be discussed and exchanged in a moderated and respectful manner. This type of workshop aims to heighten sensitivity and mutual understanding around prevailing issues like sexual discrimination, while also putting a focus on developing specific strategies to combat their occurance in the future. (1.5 to 6 hours)

  • Consulting
    We provide companies, institutions and leaders with our experience in engaging men for the topics of gender equality and feminism. We offer proven solutions and methods that helps activate male support for gender-related policies and activities. 

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Europe Experienced

We love to share our passion for and experiences in Europe. Since 2014, we have visited 29 European countries, 22 of which are current members of the European Union. 

  • Keynote address
    Based on our extensive travel experience, we speak about the beauty of European diversity, share insights and anecdotes, and provide examples of solutions to our continent's most pressing challenges. (10 minutes to 1.5 hours)

  • Workshop & Citizens' Dialogue
    We offer an exchange of ideas and perspectives on the present and future of the European idea. Audience interaction is an essential part of this format. (30 minutes to 4 hours)


  • Consulting
    We provide hands-on experience on the perception of European institutions, citizens' expectations and worries, and ways to enhance effective communication on topics European. 

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On Change-Making

Since 2012 we have initiated, run, and successfully implemented numerous political campaigns and initiatives, in Germany and at the EU level. Specifically, we have initiated a new Erasmus program (DiscoverEU), mobilized tens of thousands of petition signatures, places widely reviewed op-ed pieces in German and international media, consulted political institutions on policy implementation, and coined viral hashtags on social media.  Base on this experience, we can offer: 

  • Keynote address –  "From idea to reality"
    Based on our campaigning and activism experiences, we share key learnings about how a political proposal can become reality, how to mobilize support, and how to deal with established institutions and the media.  (10  minutes - 1.5 hours)


  • Workshop –  "The power of ideas"
    This interactive format is particularly geared towards young audiences, but does work in other contexts as well. Based on real-life examples, we highlight the importance of believing in your ideas, how to stick with them during times of resistance,, and what change-making strategies can be deployed by those without political or financial power. Audience interaction is an essential part of this workshop. (30 minutes to 3 hours)


  • Consulting
    We offer insights from our experiences working with government institutions and the public alike on how to boost political campaigns or good lobbying initiatives.

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Event Moderation that Sparks Ideas

As frequent attendees of, speakers at, or moderators of conferences and high-level events, we have developed skill, nuance, and tactfulness regarding best-practices as moderators for all-day conferences or 30-minute panels. In all our moderation, we always seek to give due room to ideas and put an emphasis on finding common ground. All formats are available in German or English (or a mix thereof), and may be held analogue, hybrid, or all-digital. 

  • Panel moderation, one person:
    Martin or Vincent will moderate a panel discussion featuring experts. This includes preparatory calls/exchange with all speakers and support in regards to content and logistics, if required.

  • Conference moderation, one person:
    Martin or Vincent will moderate your event or parts thereof. This includes providing experience and suggestions for the preparation and logistical planning of the event, being in touch with speakers and experts before the event, and a post-event debrief.

  • Conference moderation, team:
    Both of us will serve as moderators for your event. Two moderators enable a higher speed and quality of engaging with multiple sources at the same time, e.g. experts on stage / video call, live audiences, and commentary on social media. This includes all services and support offered in the one person moderation, but as a a team we can provide even more expertise and ideas based on our two backgrounds.

References: i.a. European Commission / EIGE / German Federal Foreign Office / German Federal Ministry of Education and Research / UN Women

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